Data brings Knowledge,
Knowledge is Power

RedSpirit™ help your business to stay competitive despite the exponential technological avancement of Artificial Intelligence, without completely change the way it currently works. Our solutions consist of consulting and custom software development, to assist and guide you in your unique Artificial Intelligence software implementation.

Expand your data

API, Data Scraping, Data Sorting

Enhance your way of getting meaningful data of your competitors, employees, customers, and leads for various needs.

Optimize your processes

Data Mining, Deep Learning

Improve now your internal processes with the help of automation. Customer relationship, Internal Benchmarks, Schedules and most recurrent tasks.

Make data-driven strategies

Data Visualization, Data Analysis

Obtain meaningful insight on what you should currently do to maximize your profit. Narrow/broaden your target, make a new product or find and fix your flaws.


Neptunium help to make storage and collaboration of office work more private. RedSpirit mission is to develop the back-end infrastructure.

Autofood is a fresh French startup incubated at Euratechnologie with the ambition of changing the way the agriculture is made for of a wide variety of vegetables, with a clever use of robotics, software, automation and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to develop all the back-end software present on the robots, and to create the Machine Learning models needed to do all sort of crop analysis for optimizing quality and yield.

We reorganized and cleaned Havr's databases using Machine Learning algorithms which performed multiple tasks on the dataset: anomaly detection, dimensionality reduction, clustering and more.

Kibella is a web application made for Business Insight that let you visualize and organize your database with modulable charts you can create yourself using an intuitive interface, displayed on a pretty and configurable dashboard based on Kibana.

Qualimetrie's platform where users can easily analyze and improve their company's customer experience using the most suitable charts for them (pie, map, scatter plot, histogram, line, ...) showing data collected by volunters.

What they say

Frank Vanden Berghen

CEO ― Business Insight

They always delivered on time, while keeping the quality up. Good work.

Jon Zimmerman


Really efficient work, they made me gain so much time.

Kathy Kaganoff

Private person

As a non tech-savy, the results they ended up with impressed me.

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