We are a team of young, experienced and passionate engineers who create the software solutions of tomorrow.
Researching, learning and studying are our most important jobs, we seek for our skills to always remain at the top level and cutting-edge of technology, in order to provide you the best solutions we can ever get to your ideas.

What we do

Web Applications

Get a beautiful and functional application created with the latest technologies, accessible directly on the web.

There are many advantage to a web application, like nothing to download or cross-platform by default (even available on smartphone if needed).

Produced with a carefully designed and tested front-end (user interface, user experience) that corresponds to your thoughts.

Acquire a secure, fast and scalable back-end (server, database administration) which have been benchmarked in order to guarantee and prove the quality of the delivered product.

Machine Learning

Achieve your goal and resolve problems you wouldn't even think you ever could with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Benefit the latest breakthroughs and state-of-the-art solutions in the fields of Machine Learning and make your project provide the best results.

Predict, classify, or generate anything by analyzing your dataset, and improve or create new data-driven business strategy that will make the difference.

Boost the growth of your project by adopting the most optimized algorithm that fits to your needs while complementing your ideas.

Take advantage and make profit out of your data is now, more than ever before, something you should invest in.


Autofood is a fresh French startup incubated at Euratechnologie
with the ambition of changing the way the agriculture is made for of a wide variety of vegetables, with a clever use of robotics, software, automation and artificial intelligence.
The mission of RedSpirit is to develop all the back-end software present on the robots, and to develop the Machine Learning models needed to do all sort of crop analysis for optimizing quality and yield.

We reorganized and cleaned Havr's databases using Machine Learning algorithms which performed multiple tasks on the dataset: anomaly detection, dimensionality reduction, clustering and more.

Kibella is a web application made for Business Insight that let you visualize and organize your database with modulable charts you can create yourself using an intuitive interface, displayed on a pretty and configurable dashboard based on Kibana.

Qualimetrie's platform where users can easily analyze and improve their company's customer experience using the most suitable charts for them (pie, map, scatter plot, histogram, line, ...) showing data collected by volunters.

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